New Lee Pierce Western “The Treasure of Peta Nocona” Acquired for Publication

The Treasure of Peta Nocona by Lee PierceBarking Rain Press announced the acquisition of the worldwide print and electronic publishing rights for the Western novel The Treasure of Peta Nocona from Dos Caballos, New Mexico author Lee Pierce. Pierce’s other novels include the Westerns Bounty Hunter’s Moon and Rough Justice.

Click here to download this press release

Click here to download this press release

Mace Brown wasn’t his real name. He used to be one of the deadliest gunfighters in the Southwest, but eventually he grew tired of the “kill or be killed” lifestyle, rode off into the desert— and simply disappeared. Two years later, Mace rode into Oneida, Texas, and took a job as the bouncer and peacekeeper for a local saloon with his new moniker. But when Boston archeologist Dr. Jemima Carstairs and her entourage arrive to survey and study ancient Indian ruins in the Palo Duro Canyon, Mace reluctantly agrees to lead the expedition.

Convinced that the Yankees must be looking for treasure, local rustler Bodeen Trask decides to tail the archeologists with his crew so that when the treasure is found, they can swoop in, kill the whole party—and make off with the spoils. Unaware that Trask and his gang will be dogging their heels—and that a Comanche war chief and his band of renegades are also roaming the plains south of Oneida—Mace and his crew set off with the archeological expedition to the Palo Duro country. Their quest for Native American artifacts quickly becomes a struggle for survival.

The Treasure of Peta Nocona has been assigned to Barking Rain Press staff editor Roger Gilmartin. Publication for both the print and eBook formats of The Treasure of Peta Nocona is anticipated for the summer of 2014. Interested readers can click here to read the first four chapters of this thrilling new Western for free.