Thank you for considering Barking Rain Press as a potential publisher for your work. Please review the following sections carefully, as they contain all the information you’ll need to submit your manuscript to us. If you have additional questions about our submission process, please refer to our FAQ section, as many of the most common questions we receive about our submissions and publication processes have been answered and posted there.

If you have a question that is not part of our FAQ, please use our Contact Form.


Who Barking Rain Press Publishes

Barking Rain Press publishes emerging and mid-career authors. Many BRP authors have had works published in magazines, ezines, anthologies or other publications (a resume including a list of prior publications can strengthen your submission). Although prior publications are important, they are not a requirement; part of our mission is to present promising new authors alongside previously published writers.


What Barking Rain Press Publishes

Barking Rain Press publishes complete novels or novellas of at least 20,000 words to sell through the BRP website and other partner sites in print and eBook formats. We will also consider the following:

  • Short story collections (anthologies) with a strong central theme, written by a single author.
  • Reprints of previously published works that are out-of-print, so long as the author owns BOTH the worldwide electronic rights and print rights.

While we are open to a variety of literary genres, we are NOT open to submissions containing the following subject matter. These submissions will be automatically rejected:

  • Poetry
  • A single short story, a single piece of short fiction,or a single work of flash fiction
  • Children’s books
  • Erotica
  • NC-17 / X-Rated / Pornographic fiction
  • Self-published works that are currently available for sale anywhere. If the work(s) are no longer for sale, and you own worldwide print and electronic rights, they may be submitted for consideration. Keep in mind that if a work can be found for sale or free download through a search engine search, the submission will be rejected outright. Make sure that the work is completely unavailable BEFORE you submit it.

Since Barking Rain Press will produce relatively few titles each year (12-14 works), our books reflect the individual tastes of our small staff. BR looks for writing that inspires and/or entertains the reader with a unique voice.


Submission Periods


While Barking Rain Press is always open to reviewing manuscripts from our current authors, we only accept unsolicited manuscripts during designated open submissions periods, which are announced to subscribers on our Submissions Email List.

To be notified in advance of open submissions periods, and to receive information about submitting your manuscript during an open submission period, please join our Submissions Email list.


Publication Terms

Terms & ConditionsBarking Rain Press will contract for exclusive, English-language worldwide electronic and print rights for your manuscript. All rights revert back to the author upon cancellation of the contract by either party. If you cannot provide exclusive, worldwide electronic and print English-language rights for your novel, then please do not submit your manuscript to us.




Dollar Sign ButtonPayment for authors is on a royalty basis. Barking Rain Press pays authors at least 50% of net sales for both print and electronic books.

Royalty payments are sent monthly. We pay only through PayPal, so authors must have a PayPal account.

In addition to royalty compensation, authors also receive a biography on the BRP website, along with a link back to their own website, blog, Facebook page, etc., as well as other marketing services (please consult our FAQs for more details).


Method of Work

Accepted works will be assigned to one of our staff editors for polishing. Authors will work directly with their editors to finalize their manuscript. Once approved for publication by the author, editor and the Barking Rain Press Executive Committee, the manuscript will then be be formatted for print distribution as well as multiple eBook formats for sale through our entire network of eBook distribution outlets .


Time Frame

Barking Rain Press reviews new submissions that meet ALL of the requirements stated above in the calendar month following the close of the submission period. Please allow at least two months for us to review and respond to your submission. Sometimes submissions do get trapped in our spam filter, so if you have not heard back from us after two months, please contact us.


Submission Instructions

Check ListDue to increasing amounts of spam, we do not publish email addresses on the website. To have your work considered for publication, please use our Submissions Contact Form to request submissions information (if we are currently accepting submissions) or to sign up for our Automated Notification Service. Please DO NOT include your query letter or other information in this request; the form merely sends your request to an autoresponder box, which immediately sends you the submissions information (please check your spam folders if you do not see a response within 5 minutes).

When we are open for submissions, your package should contain the following:

  • Title (please provide at least a working title for your work)
  • Genre (fantasy, mystery, science fiction, western, etc.)
  • Word count
  • A 40-word, promotional-style “quick teaser” blurb for web copy. Sell us with this blurb like you’ll sell potential readers with it!
  • Promotional text for the back cover of the work (100-200 words)
  • An outline/overview of the entire story arc (the synopsis)
  • Any previous publication information on the work, including where and when it was published, if applicable
  • A short author bio (100-250 words)
  • A Marketing Plan describing what you can do to help get the word out about your book
  • The first four (4) chapters of your book