Submissions Update

deadline We have been diligently reviewing all the wonderful manuscripts we received during our February 2014 Open Submissions period, and we’re pleased to report that we are just about done. Even still, there remains a handful of manuscripts that are still under active review, and we suspect that there are a few of you who are getting antsy.

We had hoped to be completely finished with the review process by the end of June; however, due in part to the large number of excellent manuscripts we received, it is taking longer than we expected. At this point, our goal is to wrap up the review process and send out the final contract offers or rejection notices by July 7th.

We do apologize for the delay in getting back to everyone; no one likes to be kept waiting. Still, if you haven’t heard anything from us since we contacted you to request your full manuscript, then you should take that as a good sign — we haven’t sent you a rejection notice, which means your manuscript is still in the running. To make it this far down the line, you know that you sent us something special.

Please be patient as we finish our review. You will hear from us soon, one way or the other.

Good luck, and keep the faith!