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Shop the Barking Rain Press bookstore!No matter what kind of fiction you love to read, you’re sure to find something to help you relax, unwind, tickle your fancy, fire your senses, chill you to the marrow, leave you guessing and coming back for more! Best of all, your purchase supports our up-and-coming authors, as well as independent fiction.


alternative-historyAlternative History
You cannot change the past — unless you’re reading Alternative History novels! Take a new look at how things could have been… or have yet to be… with one of our amazing Alternative History titles.


Chick LitChick Lit
Chick lit tackles issues of modern womanhood with humor and tenacity! Chick lit titles have topped bestseller lists because they are about more than romance; in fact, the heroine’s relationship with her family or friends is often more important than romantic relationships.


contemporary-fictionContemporary Fiction
The very best of modern fiction awaits you here at the Barking Rain Press Contemporary Fiction bookstore shelves! Fresh, new, vital stories by some of today’s best authors.



FantasyFantasy & Paranormal
Whether you like high fantasy, paranormal fantasy, urban fantasy, YA Fantasy or some combination, you’re sure to find something worth reading at the Barking Rain Press Fantasy Fiction bookstore shelves!



Historical FictionHistorical Fiction
Escape to the past with one of our Historical Fiction titles! We’ve wrapped wonderful stories with lots of details that transport you back to another time and place.



HorrorHorror & Dark Fantasy
Looking for a spine-tingling chiller that filled with ghosts, ghouls or other-worldly creatures and events? Look no further! Our growing selection of horror, dark fantasy and paranormal fiction is sure to keep you up at night.



Mystery & CrimeMystery & Crime
If crime stories, murder mysteries and who-dunnits are you thing, then you’re sure to find something to love in the Barking Rain Press Mystery & Crime section!



If you like books with romantic entanglements, but not erotica, we have an excellent selection of Romance books just for you!



Science FictionScience Fiction
Whether you enjoy reading about other worlds, space travel, steampunk adventures or dystopian futures, Barking Rain Press has the Science Fiction titles you’ll want to read!


Spiritual FictionSpiritual Fiction
Some of our mainstream genre books include expressions of faith (and disbelief), and why not? Many fictional characters have a spiritual side, which is part of their story. This diverse selection of books will appeal to people who enjoy explorations of faith.


If you like reading on the edge of your seat, our thrilling Suspense novels will help you read dangerously!



Curl up with one of our exciting Westerns and travel back to the days of the Wild, Wild West!



YA FictionYA Fiction
Barking Rain Press has a growing selection of YA (Young Adult) titles in a variety of genres, from contemporary to fantasy and beyond!