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Slip Sliding Away by Sean MulcahyGenre: Contemporary Fiction

Recession. Unemployment. Student loan debt. Moving back home. This is the rude “welcome to adulthood” that college graduate Michael Reilly is striving to come to terms with—just like so many other Millennials.

Now living with his father and new stepmother in their Vermont home, the only work he can find is a part-time retail job at the local mall. With few prospects, a failed romance and nothing but time on his hands, alcohol is fast becoming his only source of comfort.

When his older brother is called back up to serve a second tour of duty in Iraq, Michael heads down to New Jersey to say goodbye—possibly for the last time—hoping to send his brother off with a wild weekend party. But his growing depression and frustration with his situation lead to dramatic and unexpected confrontations with his past—and his uncertain future.

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