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THE SABLE by Michael S. Malone. Cover artwork by Carol Marschner Malone.Genre: Suspense, Contemporary Fiction

Who is a true African? This question has been asked and answered repeatedly through cycles of violent revolution over many years. The Sable draws you into this world at a flux point of the cycle, to a quiet farm where everything seems both ordered and content—until the violence and chaos arrives at the gates.

The story is told through the eyes of two men: a farm owner and hunting guide of German descent, and his fiercely independent native top hand. As the story unfolds and the two men clash, they find themselves faced with life and death decisions both for themselves and their families.

Rich with the beauty and the complexity of regional life, The Sable is a pastoral epic, a political thriller, and a riveting quest for big game. It immerses the reader in the cultures of black and white, city and countryside, native and immigrant, rich and poor. Its trajectory is unpredictable, as its characters are neither wholly good nor evil, but are complex and nuanced as only human beings under stress can be. It also features some of the finest African hunting scenes penned in a generation.

Written by Michael S. Malone, one of the world’s best-known business and technology journalists, a noted entrepreneur, television host, and educator, The Sable is the product of multiple visits to Africa.

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