Robin Layne Wilkinson

Staff Editor Robin Layne WilkinsonRobin Layne Wilkinson is a staff editor for Barking Rain Press. She made a picture book during recesses in second grade—and has continued writing ever since. At 20, she moved to Oregon, where she adopted the pen name Robin Layne, and had some poems and short stories published including two stories that won contests sponsored by She also created Sweet Comfort, a monthly newsletter for a non-profit, which she edited for over five years. Write Around Portland (WrAP) published her writings in two anthologies in 2007. She worked on WrAP’s manuscript selection committee for three anthologies, and copyedited Pointed Circle 25, a Portland Community College literary journal. At Portland State University, she worked on the editing staff of Ooligan Press and earned her bachelor’s in English, minor in writing, in 2012. Robin then earned a certificate in Professional Editing from U.C. Berkeley Extension in August 2013. She has edited a number of projects freelancing as Robin Layne Enterprises. Robin continues to write in community, this time for the stage through Well Arts, a non-profit in the Portland area. She likes reading and editing fantasy, horror, science fiction, YA, historical, adventure, and non-fiction books.