J.E. Seymour

Author J.E. SeymourJ.E. Seymour is the author of the Kevin Markinson series for Barking Rain Press, which includes Lead Poisoning, Stress Fractures, and Frostbite. She has also published a collection of short fiction featuring Kevin Markinson, Blackbird and Other Stories.

Ms. Seymour has also had a number of short stories published in anthologies—Live Free or Die, Die, Die, Windchill, Deadfall, and Quarry, as well as Thriller UK magazine, and in numerous ezines including Shots, Mouth Full of Bullets, Mysterical-E, A Twist of Noir, Beat to a Pulp, Yellow Mama and Shred of Evidence.

The markets coordinator for the Short Mystery Fiction Society, Ms. Seymour is also a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America. She lives in a small town in seacoast New Hampshire. Find out more at J.E. Seymour’s website, Facebook page or on Twitter.