Horror Bound Online Posts Review for DR. OFFIG’S LESSONS FROM THE DARK SIDE, VOL 1

Dr. Offig's Lessons from the Dark SideTitle: DR. OFFIG’S LESSONS FROM THE DARK SIDE, VOLUME 1
Author: P.S. Gifford
Genre: YA Horror
Rated: G

Horror Bound Online Magazine recently posted a rave review for Virtual Tales author P.S. Gifford’s latest novel, DR. OFFIG’S LESSONS FROM THE DARK SIDE, VOLUME 1:

“Dr. Offig is not a modern-day medley of trash and gore. It is spooky, spell-binding, and simply sensational! A deliciously scary page-turner for young readers and adults alike.
— Julie Hamilton, Horror Bound Magazine

STORY SYNOPSIS: Some people are optimists and some people are pessimists, but Dr. Offig is a “gruesome-ist!” Visit him in his cluttered and curious office and he will surely tell you one of the wonderfully creepy stories he is famous for.

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 a doll that is given to a boy by his Magician Uncle. The toy with the painted face is much more than a toy and what happens next is truly, and unbelievably spooky