The Hatbox Murders: An Elliott Bay Mystery | Free Preview

The Hatbox Murders: An Elliott Bay Mystery. Cover artwork by Craig NennionGenre:  Mystery/Crime

Set in 1950’s Seattle, The Hatbox Murders offers a delicious period mystery that’s perplexing enough to stump the Emerald City’s best detective—as well as mystery fans everywhere. Inspector Michael Riggs doesn’t believe in “woman’s intuition,” but when head stenographer Margaret Baker insists that her friend and co-worker Ruby Pike most certainly did not jump off a bridge to end her life, Riggs reluctantly agrees to re-examine the closed suicide case.

He quickly learns that Ruby’s mousy cousin hated her while her rich uncle adored her, showering her with expensive gifts. Her shady boyfriend had a good reason to be rid of Ruby, but he also has an alibi. And there’s the handsome banker from her social circle, who had a compelling motive for getting Ruby out of the way. Add to that a tight-lipped boss facing financial ruin, a jealous wife, and a bitter landlady whose heirloom jewelry was pilfered, and it doesn’t take long for Riggs to realize that Margaret’s feminine intuition just might be right after all.

Unfortunately for Riggs, the only clues he can find are a gold watch with a cryptic inscription, a photo of a missing dress, and a pink hatbox. As the police chief starts to boil over, Riggs decides to call on Victoria Bell, an alluring Prussian librarian with a knack for solving crimes who has helped him with other cases. But this time, Bell is determined to stay out of the limelight. She only agrees to help with the case if her assistance remains a secret. When the most likely suspect disappears and a second murder is confirmed, Bell and Riggs must pull out all the stops to identify the murderer without blowing Victoria’s cover.

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