Why should I subscribe to Barking Rain Press content via RSS?

There are a few reasons why you might want to subscribe via RSS. Unlike e-mail, RSS is not blocked by spam filters so you might try RSS if you are having difficulty receiving emails from Barking Rain Press. Keep in mind, however, that RSS may be blocked by web filters at your place of employment, or even by some anti-virus programs.

If you are already using RSS to read blogs and news, it is an easy way to ensure that you get all of your preview chapters and newsletter issues from Barking Rain Press. Our RSS subscriptions follow the exact same delivery schedule as our email subscriptions and give you the same ability to request immediate delivery of the next preview chapter, just as our emails do.

If you haven’t tried RSS yes, most newer versions of Outlook have a built-in RSS aggregator. Simply open Outlook and click the RSS feed option. Microsoft will ask you if you want to use Outlook as your default aggregator. If you agree, the messages will simply show up in your e-mail box (in the RSS subdirectory) and will never be sent to the spam or junk folders.

There are also lots of free RSS aggregators around that avoid the whole e-mail issue altogether (try Google, for example).

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