How do I load a .mobi eBook file onto my Kindle Paperwhite?

Kindle PaperwhiteIf you want to load a .mobi eBook file you have purchased from a source other than onto your Kindle Paperwhite, you will need to sideload it. Sideloading is simply a fancy term for copying an eBook file from your computer or email account onto your eReader. Here are two methods for sideloading a Barking Rain Press .mobi eBook file onto your Kindle Paperwhite:

Method 1: Using a computer:

  1. Using a mini USB to USB cord, connect the Kindle Paperwhite to a computer.
  2. Download the eBook file onto your computer.
  3. Using a file explorer program, open up the Kindle (it will show as a temporary drive). Also open the folder on the computer with the file.
  4. Drag the eBook file from the computer to the Kindle Paperwhite “Books” directory.
  5. Follow your computer’s procedure for disconnecting peripheral devices. The book will now be available in the Kindle Paperwhite’s “Books” tab.

Method 2: Using Calibre:

  1. Here is a link to a video tutorial.

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