Am I allowed to share my purchased Barking Rain Press eBooks?

Please remember that our authors, illustrators and editors only receive payment for their creative work when customers buy something. When you “loan” an e-work or give it away to someone else, you are violating their copyrights and depriving them of income. Therefore, you are only allowed to share the free preview chapters we provide for every Barking Rain Press title—no other sharing is permitted.

If you are enjoying a particular work, please support all he people who created it by posting a favorable review on the story web page page and recommending it to your friends. Barking Rain Press eBooks are very reasonably priced, and we offer frequent discounts and specials.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and support on behalf of all our authors, editors and illustrators!

Note — If you purchased one of our eBooks through Barnes & Noble (for The Nook) or (for the Kindle), you will be able to “loan” your eBooks to friends, in accordance to their individual policies.

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