Why do you send out form rejection letters?

SorryWhile it is understandable that every author would prefer to receive a personalized response regarding their submissions, as a small publisher that only releases 10-12 books a year, Barking Rain Press simply does not have the time to respond personally to each and every submission — nor are we alone:

“If I’m passing on a partial, chances are it’s because I’m just not feeling that zing that I feel whenever I’m reading something I’m going to want to take on. It’s just not for me. But I’m not always able to articulate precisely why exactly that is, and I haven’t read enough to be able to provide a particularly insightful critique. If I am just not feeling it and don’t know why, I’d rather be vague than say something just to say something. I’d hate for my just-to-say-something reason to cause the writer to try and revise based on faulty advice.”

For all of these reasons, most publishers choose to simply send out form rejection notices. If you are looking for a critique of your work, there are many writing forums and editing services that can provide you with detailed feedback on your work.


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