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The Stage cover artworkGenre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

Megan O’Day has always tried to limit her personal attachments. With her mother’s death when she was fifteen, and no memories of her father, she has learned to survive through self-reliance alone. When a friend from high school opens a nightclub called The Stage in Seattle and offers her a job, Megan stumbles into a new world full of dangerous complications. She finds herself mesmerized by the lead singer of the house band, whose songs inexplicably dredge up hidden memories.

As her forgotten past slowly trickles back, the missing pieces of an ancient puzzle start to fall into place. She soon realizes that Geoffrey Drake is no ordinary musician—he is a vampire, and he has always been her unseen protector. While past and present collide, Megan slowly allows herself to feel the emotion she has always beaten back. Can she discover why Geoffrey is protecting her—and from whom—while there’s still time?

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