Solomon Schneider

Solomon SchneiderSOLOMON SCHNEIDER is the co-author of Revenge for Barking Rain Press. Solomon is a neo-folk singer/songwriter who was born in Santa Barbara, California and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Schneider is obsessed with the concept of adventure and the odd manifestations of time and space it gives rise to. He is a philosopher with Ph.D. level training who left academia during the dissertation process, believing that his area of research had to be explored artistically rather than theoretically. At the end of 2010, he released his first album of adventure songs, Visceraline, and moved into his Buick Roadmaster station wagon to pursue a life of full-time touring. He joined forces with nationally acclaimed road-warrior poet Seth Walker, and, as a multi-instrumentalist, became a noteworthy presence on the spoken word scene. Playing cello, banjo and guitar, Solomon has been booked as a featured performer at Da Poetry Lounge in Los Angeles, The Green Mill in Chicago, the Nuyorican in New York City and Yale University. Schneider also works as a composer, arranger and producer. Albums he has worked on include the 2010 Austin, Texas Poetry Slam Team album, Lauren Begent’s Shadows over Bones, and Gabrielle Faust’s forthcoming album. He intends to roam the country in his Roadmaster indefinitely, injecting metaphysical madness into art wherever he may go. Find out more about Solomon at his blog.