Rosemary Graham

Editor Rosemary GrahamRosemary Graham is a Staff Editor for Barking Rain Press. She is an experienced professional in both the corporate and academic worlds. She holds a BA English Literature from Boston College, and a Masters degree in British and American Literature from the University of Rhode Island.

After teaching writing composition and literature at the university level she was a senior level corporate professional, working for financial institutions that kept merging with each other.  Over the course of her career, she devoted decades to writing, editing, teaching and training. Throughout her career and as a former director of technical training and certification programs, she wrote and edited countless documents for a wide variety of audiences. She is known for achieving consensus, building relationships, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, and technical expertise.

Rosemary has always had her nose in a book. She’ll read just about anything, but her loves are science fiction, space opera, mystery, cozy mystery, suspense, YA, children’s books, crime fiction, and any series where she can become involved with the characters.  A pet peeve of hers is lumping together science fiction, fantasy and horror into one genre.

A Rhode Islander by birth, Rosemary has also lived 3,000 miles to the east in Heidelberg, Germany, and 3,000 miles to the west in Southern California. Summer finds her with family and friends boating, swimming, and clamming on beautiful Narragansett Bay.

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