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To Suffer A Witch: The Blackthorne Chronicles Book 1Genre: Horror & Dark Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Salem, Massachusetts—1692. A plague of witches and dark magic has descended upon the village of Salem. When a court of Oyer and terminer is called by the governor to bring the guilty to trial, Judge Jacob Blackthorne and the Reverend Cotton Mather are tasked with finding the reasons behind all of this evil.e trouble is, Jacob Blackthorne already knows the answer.

Fifteen years ago, Jacob became the lover of a witch named Abigail Colman. One night in the woods outside of Salem Village, she shared her secret with him—the power of the Sangreal—a magical elixir that forestalls the natural process of death… for a price.

Now cursed with near-eternal youth and the loss of his soul, Jacob prays that he can yet find a path to salvation. When he hears a rumor that witchcraft is once again running amok in Salem, he returns in hopes of finding redemption. Instead, he discovers that the secret once shared with him runs much deeper than just one woman as he uncovers a conspiracy dating back to Biblical times.

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