Dr. Offig’s Lessons from the Dark | Free Preview

Dr. Offig's Lessons from the Dark Side by P.S. GiffordGenre: YA Fiction, Horror, Dark Fantasy

Some people are optimists and some people are pessimists, but Dr. Offig is a “gruesome-ist!” Visit him in his cluttered and curious office and he will surely tell you one of the wonderfully creepy stories he is famous for—the kind that makes your eyes bug out in disbelief, your skin shiver and crawl, and once in a while they might—just might I say—even make you laugh out loud.

But be forewarned that these stories can also become very, very, very addictive. Once you finish with one of Dr. Offig’s stories, you will most certainly want to read another, then another, and then another still. Which sometimes makes it hard to go to sleep with the lights out…

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