Barking Rain Press Acquires Steampunk Fantasy “Of Machines & Magics” from UK Author Adele Abbot

Of Machines & MagicsBarking Rain Press, a non-profit publisher of general and genre fiction in print and e-formats, announced the acquisition of the worldwide print and electronic publishing rights for the Steampunk Fantasy Of Machine & Magics by UK author Adele Abbot. Ms. Abbot’s other novel, Postponing Armageddon, was a finalist in the recent Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now contest for aspiring debut novelists, sponsored by Sir Terry Pratchett and Transworld Publishers.

Click here to download this press release

Click here to download this press release

Billions of years ago, humans abandoned their cradle and are now scattered across the galaxies. But the legends speak of a time when the sun threatened to burn away the inner worlds of the solar system by becoming a red giant, and how a remnant of mankind returned to Earth from the farthest stars to install a machine to move humanity’s cradle out of danger. Since then, the remnant communities built settlements in the cracked and broken slopes of the old continental plates, exposed to the elements when the Earth was moved. Now nestled in the outer reaches of the solar system, Earth faces a new challenge—the sun has begun to collapse into a white dwarf. As the sun grows smaller and the world gets colder, the quest for the mythical machine that can move the planet closer to the fading sun becomes a race to save the planet from final extinction.

Of Machines & Magics has been assigned to Barking Rain Press senior staff editor Ti Locke of Decatur Island, Washington. Publication in both print and eBook formats is anticipated for early 2012. Interested readers can sign up to preview the first four chapters of “Of Machines and Magics” free by visiting the Barking Rain Press website.

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