Why do I need to submit a marketing plan? If I knew how to market my book then I wouldn’t need a publisher.

Marketing PlanSo the only thing you need a publisher for is marketing? What about:

While Barking Rain Press does provide some marketing assistance to all of our authors, a book will simply not be successful unless an author is actively engaged in their own promotional activities (please read Angela Hoy’s excellent article on this topic entitled When Authors Aren’t Willing to Market Their Books).

If you truly believe that the only thing keeping you from self-publishing is lack of marketing savvy, why not self-publish and simply hire a PR firm to handle the marketing? There are many good ones out there, and some self-publishing services will even sell you a marketing package of various promotional services. True, that costs money — but self-publishing costs money, too.

On the other hand, there are many good books, blogs and websites that provide information about marketing your book… even creating a marketing plan. If you are not interested in participating in the marketing of your book, then please do not submit it to us.

Simply put, we will not offer a contract to any author who has not taken the time to think about how they will help promote their own book.


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