Do you have any suggestions for writers who want to be published by Barking Rain Press?


Tips & HintsBarking Rain Press seeks novel-length books with solid plots, well-developed settings, and characters that are fully three-dimensional. We want originality and professional-level storytelling. Historical facts should be well-researched, and totally fictional worlds in speculative fiction must be visualized clearly, with fantastic worlds and settings. Write your story in a unique, compassionate, and compelling style with characters who are both strong and vulnerable, and your book will catch our interest.

We are NOT not interested in reading works that have extended, descriptive violence and/or pornography. Books that contain this kind of material have no appeal to our growing customer base. If you are a writer of this kind of fiction, there are other publishers who specialize in these genres that would be a better fit. Regarding sexuality, while Barking Rain Press does not publish erotica, we recognize that sex is a natural part of life. If your book includes sexual scenes, keep in mind that there has to be a reason for the sex, and that the amount of sex should be appropriate to the story arc.

Finally, keep in mind that a manuscript submission is like a job interview—regardless of where you are applying, you wouldn’t go to an interview wearing dirty jeans and a torn tee-shirt. Don’t send your “baby” out looking that way, either. We expect all submissions to be well beyond the first draft stage, and to be professionally prepared and as free of mechanical errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar as possible. Our Editors are here to help you polish your work, not to rewrite it for you.

P.S. — Use your spell checker, but don’t rely on it solely.


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