How will Barking Rain Press help me to market my book?

Marketing FocusMost readers aren’t interested in hearing from a publisher as much as they are interested in hearing from an author. Readers will Google your name, your book(s), your characters, etc., but they don’t typically Google for the publisher name.

That’s why as an author, you should understand that your own marketing efforts will be the main driving factor in sales of your book. As your publisher, Barking Rain Press will make your book available for purchase in print and eBook form, but as the author, the task of helping prospective readers become aware of your book will fall largely on your shoulders.

Marketing “money” vs. Marketing “time”

Angela Hoy of Writer’s Weekly wrote an excellent article on this topic entitled When Authors Aren’t Willing to Market Their Books. Here is a small excerpt that sums it up:

“Nothing beats an author connecting one-on-one with potential book buyers, online or off. It’s like comparing a press release to a personal email from the author… There is no comparison and sales results will certainly show for it. Marketing money spent can never equal marketing time spent when it comes to a book’s success. If you’re not willing to spend several hours per week personally promoting your book, it’s not going to succeed. It’s that simple.”

Marketing services you receive

Because many Barking Rain Press authors have never been published before, we strive to do more for our authors than is typical of most small press publishers. If you are offered a Barking Rain Press contract, here is the minimum that you can expect from us to assist you with promoting your book (and yes, there is no charge for any of these services):

Additional marketing services

Optional marketing assistance that can be requested by any Barking Rain Press author, as desired. We will freely provide the artwork or arrangements listed, but you will need to arrange to have the actual print work done by your local or online printer, as applicable:

Because we are interested in helping our authors sell more books, we are very open to ideas and suggestions from our authors. As a contracted Barking Rain Press author, if there is something in particular you would like to try to promote your book that requires some assistance from the publisher, you can always ask us if something is possible. Many of the services listed above came about because our authors asked for them. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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