How long before my book is published?

CountdownTypically, it takes about a year from the time a contract is signed to the publication of a work. However, Barking Rain Press understands that each author and work is unique. Some work may require more editing than others, or there may be “glitches” in the process beyond our control (if the author or editor temporarily loses access to a computer or internet service, or experiences a major life change). That is why as part of the author contract, Barking Rain Press creates a list of edits that need to be made prior to publication, and we ask the editor and the author to review that list and come back to us with an estimated completion date for the editing work after reviewing the scope of editing, scheduled life events, etc. 

Based upon the estimated completion date for the initial editing, we will then calculate out estimated dates for each of the other steps in the publication process,to give all parties an idea of how long each step takes. Once a manuscript is fully edited, for example, it is laid out and then a proof galley is sent out to the author and editor for review. If changes are requested, another proof galley will sent back out, until all parties are agreed that the book is ready for publication. Then the eBook formats are created, and the book and eBook is published.

At any time in the process, dates can be shifted upon agreement of all parties. We want to be flexible, both to ensure a quality product, and because we don’t want to unduly stress anyone if an unexpected life change happens. That being said, if you have a specific event or date in mind for publication, we will work with you during the contract negotiation process to see if we can accommodate your requested schedule. 

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