Does Barking Rain Press pay an advance royalty?

Advance RoyaltiesWhile large publishing houses pay an advance royalty to an author when they sign a contract for publishing a book, keep in mind that they do so only because they are confident that they will see a return on investment that is at least equal to the advance royalty. This is why most large publishers will only sign “bankable” names or manuscripts—to the exclusion of new or unknown authors.
As a small, non-profit publisher, the traditional advance of $2,000 or more per title would severely impact the ability of Barking Rain Press to accept works from new or lessor known authors by draining the resources we need to run a viable publishing operation. Because we do not pay an advance royalty to our new authors, we are able to:
However,  returning authors do receive an advance royalty payment for new titles, depending on sales of previous title(s) by the author that were published by Barking Rain Press.

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