About our Mascot, Elvis Rain

Our mascot, Elvis RainAh, the many nuances of rain. Elvis Rain, the yowling Barking Rain Press mascot, knows them all.

There’s misting rain, and pouring rain, followed by drizzling rain, showering rain and sprinkling rain. Then there’s horizontal rain—also known as driving rain. And in the winter, there’s freezing rain, biting rain and barking rain.

Barking Rain? What’s that, you say?

Born in the land of liquid sunshine, Elvis is particularly in tune with the two seasons of the Pacific Northwest: the dry season (the time of sunshine) and the wet season (the time of liquid sunshine).

The spigots turn on in late October or early November, and pretty much stay on through the fourth of July. They gush, they drip, they sputter… and every now and again, they bark. Hence, the barking rain terminology.

What is barking rain? And when does rain bark?

Barking rain is a phenomenon that typically occurs during the height of a La Niña weather pattern — day after day, night after night, of practically ceaseless rain.

Drip, drip, drip.

Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle.

Mist, mist, mist.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

For forty days and forty nights, relentless, barking rain drips, dribbles and spits from inconsolable clouds with such unceasing ardor that the usual remedies—coffee, chocolate, and firelight—no longer ward off the moist veil of melancholy that triangulates between the gray sky, the green earth and the hardy souls who live here.

What does barking rain have to do with fiction?

Those who thrive in the land of liquid sunshine are predisposed to curl up with as many good books as can be found to while away the wet season. And that’s where Barking Rain Press comes in. After all, someone has to feed that relentless demand for quality fiction… or Elvis will howl. And that gets the neighbors upset — and we just can’t have that.

So keep Elvis happy. Buy more books from Barking Rain Press.

Elvis Rain, the Barking Rain Mascot