David Coles

Author David ColesDAVID COLES is the co-author of The Diamond SeekersDamaged GoodsDamage Limitation and Damaged Souls for Barking Rain Press, along with Jack Everett. David Coles began writing fantasy and science fiction rather longer ago than he likes to remember. He is also the co-author of a number of fantasy and science fiction stories with Jack Everett, including Fantocine, Merlin’s Kin and the forthcoming medieval mystery, With Murderous Intent.

A founding member of the international Historical Novel Society, Mr. Coles is proud to have attended workshops run by U.K. writers Terry Pratchett and David Gemmel. Mr. Coles lives with his wife in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, where his only pet is a laptop. In order to support his writing habit, he has been forced into menial day-jobs: designing and writing computer software ranging from industrial control to web-site feeds for U.K. companies and banks and even lecturing at Further Education Colleges. He has also had several electronics projects featured in the amateur press. Find out more at his website.