Christine Bearden

Editor Christine BeardonChristine Bearden is Staff Editor for Barking Rain Press. A teacher at heart, at age 15 she started her career teaching ballet to small children, then graduated to teaching English to big children. Christine enjoys tutoring (most successfully in the humanities), editing academic papers, and arguing the finer points of Shakespearean plot lines. She loves writing and writers; she has immense respect for the skill and courage of those who put their words on paper for the world to enjoy.

In the midst of all of this intellectual engagement, Christine relocates every few years with her family compliments of the U.S. Coast Guard. As a bonus, she always lives near water and quite often near a beach. She likes to dig her toes in the sand while her children scamper around in the water; one day she will be able to read again at the beach but that day is yet to come. Christine likes to have one fiction and one non-fiction on her nightstand at all times. She enjoys the Travis McGee series, historical fiction, Presidential biographies, nonfiction with a travel theme such as An Embarrassment of Mangoes, and classics she used to teach such as Les Miserables and Pride and Prejudice. She never fails to notice a new line or bite her nails in anticipation of a tense resolution. Christine is proud of the fact that she has taught her young daughter the meaning (and spelling) of the word denouement.